Travel to and From Lissac

Travel to and From Lissac

- Toulouse is about a 50 minute drive and Carcasonne about  75 minutes.

Driving all the way from the UK or Northern France is a long haul (about 12 hours from Calais) but relatively painless  - we have 20 years worth of trial and error so will happily provide town by town directions of our favourite route!

Trains from London St Pancras to Toulouse (via Paris or Lille) take 9 - 12 hours and are a relaxing, green way to travel.

All the main car hire firms operate out of Toulouse and Carcasonne airport. So far our experience with them has been very good but let us know if you have any negative experiences.

Air France
British Airways
EasyJet  (Toulouse)
RyanAir  (Carcasonne)

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